olli kemppainen
Your personal trainer
Motivated, determined and trusting in our system. These are the three important things I want you to be. I want my coached athlete to work as much for goals as I do.

If your goal is to learn how to train, compete, make muscle, burn fat, or you are just a beginner and you do not know where to start. I will help you with pleasure! We will achieve our goals! It will not be easy task and requires a lot of work, but if you’re willing, I’m ready and I’ll help you!

My service is suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels. The programs are personal and then the importance of coaching is emphasized! Keeping the project in the desired direction will take place a weekly weight and photo tracking. Whether it was the direction of fat burning or making a muscle.

As a coach I want results and for me it is important that during the coaching relationship the relationship is close and honest on both sides.

Constantly: Whether goal is, let’s do it together!

First month 350€ next months 200€

16 Weeks 700€

26 Weeks 1000€

Whole year 1800€

whats there . . .
  • Coaching includes 24/7 support via whatsapp and email. 
  • 1-2 training sessions in the gym per month. 
  • Training programs. 
  • Food programs. 
  • Supplements. 
  • Weekly check ins
    Changes to diet and training when needed. 
  • Programs are unique for each client.
about me

I come from Kemijärvi, Finland and now I live in Kemi. My family consists of a wife and two sons.


Bodybuilding is my passion. I started bodybuilding when I was 13 years old. More goal-oriented it became approx. 4 years ago. Right after my first competition, I knew this was my story. I will do my best to make me as good as I can. The goal (which I will achieve!) I will have a professional card! And make a good career as a coach and a bodybuilder.


I founded my company 2017, so that I can do what I really like and want! My business also allows me to train more often, which supports my professional goal. Of course, my spare time is spent in the gym, heh, and with the family. I also like to shoot videos on YouTube. In my videos I have a lot more facts than training. I want people to see what else is happening in my life than bodybuilding.


Check out my YouTube channel so you can get to know me better. Coaching page gives you better information about me as a coach.

competition history
2014 Junior CBB Finnish Championship 4.place
2015 Junior CBB Finnish Championship 1.place
2015 Junior CBB European Championship 7.place
2015 Junior CBB World Championship qualification 1.place
2015 Junior CBB World Championship 4.place
2017 Bodybuilding -80kg Finnish Championship qualification 1.place
2017 Bodybuilding -80kg Finnish Championship 2.place
2017 Bodybuilding BenWeider LegacyCup -80kg 2.place


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